Update Sale Orders

Update details of multiple sale orders in Sage 300 by replacing the items, units of measure, and recalculating quantities.

Example of Update Sale Orders Screen

Update Sale Orders provides the following features:

  • Update Sale Order details by replacing items numbers, units of measure, and recalculating quantities.
  • Merge multiple detail lines into one.
  • Update I/C location code in the order header and detail.
  • Update multiple sale orders at the same time based on a range of customers and order numbers or pick individual sale orders to update.

You specify items to be updated using the Configure Mappings screen as shown below.

Item Mappings Configuration

Location mapping is configured similarly.

Item Mappings Configuration

Check the downloads area for additional documentation, including detailed user guide, and for a 30 day evaluation copy of the product.


Subscription Model:

End User Price: USD 695.00 / year

Business Partner Cost: USD 486.50 / year

Perpetual License:

End User Price: USD 1,495.00, plus USD 299.00 Annual Mainteance Fee (includes upgrades)

Business Partner Cost: USD 1,046.50, plus USD 239.20 Annual Mainteance Fee (includes upgrades)