Fast Timecard Entry

Fast Timecard Entry lets you maintain timecards for multiple employees on the same screen. Each employee is in a separate row, while earnings / deductions are in columns across. The amounts can be easily updated in individual cells of the entry grid. Configuration screen lets you limit which earnings / deductions can be accessed on this screen.

Example of Fast Timecard Entry

Fast Timecards Entry provides the following features:

  • Modify timecards for multiple employees on the same screen.
  • Edit existing timecards and create new timecards.
  • Supports reusable and regular timecards
  • Allocate an amount to all employees equally, i.e. distribute collected tips to all employees.
  • Limit which earnings/deductions can be modified on the screen.

Check the downloads area for additional documentation, including detailed user guide, and for a 30 day evaluation copy of the product.


Subscription Model:

End User Price: USD 995.00 / year

Business Partner Cost: USD 696.50 / year

Perpetual License:

End User Price: USD 2,495.00, plus USD 499.00 Annual Mainteance Fee (includes upgrades)

Business Partner Cost: USD 1,746.50, plus USD 399.20 Annual Mainteance Fee (includes upgrades)