Commissions Master

Commissions Master has flexible configuration options, 288 ways of calculating commissions, and is built on extensible architecture to support multiple ERP systems, various calculation engines, and flexible reporting options.

Commissions Master is the most flexible commissions calculator on the market with 288 different ways to calculate commissions out-of-the-box. What’s more, it’s built with open architecture and LEGO-like blocks of functionality, each of which can be tweaked to your specific needs without the need to modify the whole application.

Beyond simple commissions calculations, you can store the history of the calculations right in the application, review each calculation and once confirmed that everything is correct, create a liability to pay to the salesperson either through AP invoice or a payroll timecard.

The image below outlines the overall architecture.

Commissions Master Flowchart

Specifically, the following components can be substituted by alternative as needed by customers:

  • ERP interface. The initial release comes with support for Sage 300, but additional ERP systems support is planned in future releases.
  • Calculation Engine. The default calculation logic is still customizable by various options and configuration screens in the application. If the options provided with the application are not sufficient, a completely new calculation engine can be created to support specific needs of a customer.
  • Reporting Engine. The default reporting engine generates an Excel file with two tabs. The first tab contains the details of calculations, including individual sales transactions, commission base, prorated commissions if there are multiple sales persons, and many fields that are used in calculations. Users can take this raw data and do their own Pivot Tables and analysis in Excel. There is also a Totals tab that provide total commissions calculated per sales person. If the default reporting engine is not sufficient, a completely new reporting engine can be created and plugged into the application. The output of such a reporting engine doesn't have to be Excel, it can be in any format requested by customer.'

Check the downloads area for additional documentation, including detailed user guide, and for a 30 day evaluation copy of the product.


Subscription Model:

End User Price: USD 795.00 / year

Business Partner Cost: USD 556.50 / year

Perpetual License:

End User Price: USD 1,995.00, plus USD 390.00 Annual Maintenance Fee (includes upgrades)

Business Partner Cost: USD 1,365.00, plus USD 312.00 Annual Maintenance Fee (includes upgrades)