Mobile Barcoding and Labeling

A client in the caribbean has a chain of grocery stores and needed a mobile based solution to do the following:

Each store is associated with a different Sage 300 company and integrated with a POS system, as well as custom module to handle the receipts, both of which affect the available quantity calculations.

The solution involved handheld scanners and hip printers that can be easily carried throughout a store, as well as transferred between different stores.

Here is how the barcode scanner looks (sensitive information has been blocked or blurred out):

On top of the screen is the store name (blocked) and the label printer associated with the scanner. User can click in the top area to choose a different store and/or printer.

Below the configuration area is the barcode scanning box. The device has a built-in barcode reader, so the user can simply click a button to scan the barcode, or enter it manually. The software checks Sage 300 for a matching item and displays its quantity on hand and prices (the prices are blurred on the image).

Scrolling down on the page reveals a print button. When clicked, a label is printed on a hip printer, ready to be attached to the shelf containing the product, or the product itself. Here is how the printer and label look (prices have been blurred):