Mobile Lot Tracking

A client needed an alternative to Sage's lot tracking functionality. They wanted to do the PO receipts and OE shipments without having to enter the lot numbers, but add the lot number information after the fact. In addition to that, lot management needed to be done using a handheld barcode scanner running Windows CE - not the most modern environment.

The solution was to develop a web based application optimized to the tiny screen and integrated with Sage 300. The application maintains its own database for lot numbers.

Here is a picture showing the main screen of the lot tracking application.

When receiving a PO, the user clicks the Receiving button and is prompted to enter the PO number. Once a PO number is entered, it shows details of the PO, so the user can pick an item to work with.

Clicking an item lets the user enter or scan the lot number and quantity as well as enter an expiration date.

A similar process exists for shipping an item. User selects a sales order and picks a detail line to work with. The difference from receiving is that while picking, the application suggests to the user which lot they should pick based on the lot expiration date.